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WEO® cladding - 4,2x38mm screws (100pcs)

4.2x38mm A2 stainless steel cladding screws allows to fasten WEO35 and WEO60 cladding boards to wood and aluminum frame. Screwing is made in the bottom of the wave. Head screw is coated in the same colours as composite cladding boards : very discreet to ensure the harmony of facades in the best possible way. WEO screw are easy-to-use and facilitates maintenance operations.

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Product highlights

  • Discreet screwing
  • Matched-colors to the boards
  • Self-drilling A2 (AISI 304) stainless steel screw
  • Torx head screw
  • Timber to timber or Timber to aluminum

Environmental information

Lifetime> 20 years
Carbon emissions (kg)2.479
Recycled material (%)0 %
Recycled materialsStainless steel
Natural material (%)0 %


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