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Since 1990, Felixwood brand is the symbol of a global concept of high-quality outdoor decking and fencing.

By not cutting down more trees than they grow naturally, biodiversity is maintained and the ecological function of the forest as a habitat for plants and animals is preserved. The majority of the FelixWood product range falls under one of the two international labels FSC® and PEFC.

Our hardwoods are naturally rot-proof. They stand the test of time without any treatment. Ipe, Mukulungu, Merbau, Bangkirai, Kapur or Robinia, are all species known to resist attacks from insects and lignivorous fungi. They also age more slowly over time, and their harder, more resistant fibres develop fewer cracks and splinters than softwoods.

Your FelixWood outdoor projects will keep their aesthetics for longer.


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