Felix is a European, multicultural company born of the merger of a French company, Fiberdeck, and a Dutch and German company : Felix Clercx.
Felix has been renowned for over 100 years for its FelixWood brand of certified tropical woods, its Fiberdeck co-extruded composite woods developed over the past 15 years, and its Cobra brand of decking accessories.

Felix distributes its 3 brands: Felixwood, Fiberdeck and Cobra for decking, cladding and fencing.

"We create value by developing bio-based, sustainable products."

Nicolas Tant



A sawmill for local wood was set up in Mierlo in the northern Brabant region of the Netherlands over a century ago, precisely on June 19th, by Felix Clercx. In 1900, due to rapid growth, the company moved to Helmond on the banks of the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal.

Between 1914 and 1918, to offset the lack of wood for mines during the war, the company developed a wood trading business alongside the sawmill.


In 1930, Jean-Louis Clercx took over from the founder Felix Clercx. Sales activity boomed mainly for pine and fir and other wood species imported from Germany, Poland and France.


Jean-Marie Clercx joined the company. Felix Clercx began to import tropical wood and oak, making the company less dependent on its own sawmill. The success of these imports, especially of African Eki wood, finally led to the sawmill being closed down in 1980.

In 1983, Jean-Marie Clercx took over from Jean-Louis, who had been at the head of Felix Clercx for over 50 years.


From 1985, Indonesian Bangkirai wood began to replace African Eki. Felix became the main importer of the new wood variety. The FelixWood brand was set up to develop its new range of garden wood with high-quality products.

Exports to Belgium and Germany were expanded to countries including Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and France.


The FelixWood concept brought significant growth to the company. In 2001, the company moved from Helmond city centre to a newly developed industrial area with improved logistics facilities and a lot more space. The company has been headed by Peter Derckx since Jean-Marie Clercx’s retirement.

Peter Derckx joined the company in 1988 and grew with it as a salesman, sales director, deputy manager and now general manager. Peter Derckx has given the company a new direction with the range expanding to include thermo-treated wood products, WPC and wood-aluminium products with consistent high quality and durability.


The group Forestia, founded and managed by Nicolas and Béatrice Tant, took over the Felix Clercx B.V company, as well as its agent Holzservice Gmbh located in Dortmund (Germany) and managed by Ralf Zacharias. Forestia and Felix Clercx share the same values of respect, innovation and environmental responsibility.

The sound management of our tropical forest resources, the purchase of wood complying with the EUTR and the development of our FSC® certified woods are the focal points of our policy. 95% recycled plastic waste is used in producing our WPC.


Felix Clercx will be renamed FELIX, helping us to focus on marketing
the group’s brands in Europe (FelixWood, Fiberdeck, Cobrafastener), as well as more widely overseas.

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ECO metrics

The Ecometrics score is based on six key criteria, chosen to reflect our commitment to responsible production.

After careful evaluation, each product receives a final score that places it in one of our four categories: A, B, C or D.


Specialized, high-performance logistics

Our products are bulky, with specific features that make them difficult to supply and transport.
That's why we've developed a unique know-how to store and prepare orders by the pallet or by the piece (customer order) anywhere in Europe, from our warehouses in Helmond (Netherlands) and Lille (France).
Customer relations, with real-time sharing of order status and dispatch dates, are now available on our BtoB space.


Our logistic in Helmond (Nederland)

Wood is a living, breathing material that requires very specific storage conditions. It is difficult to source, store and transport in consistent quality.

Our warehouse in Helmond was built with preservation in mind, with cladding to ensure good ventilation and shelter from sun and rain.

Supply is governed by the rainy season, which offers limited operating windows depending on the season. Stock is therefore crucial to ensure quality service to our customers all year round.


Our logistics at Anzin (France)

A multimodal site, linked by rail and river.

With a view to reducing our carbon footprint, we recently moved into a new warehouse in the Lille region, linked to Antwerp by the Scheldt.

This site, which specializes in bulky and cumbersome products, enables us to supply our containers by full barge. The reduction in our supply chain emissions is substantial.


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