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WPC cladding WEO® 35

WEO® composite cladding combines the warmth of wood with a trendy design. Developed using the very best extrusion technology, it resists UV fading and other external aggressions that usually weaken the finish of traditional cladding. The clean lines of the thin slatted profile create rhythm on buildings, and random shades in the decor reinforce the realistic look of a natural material.

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Product highlights

  • Contemporary apprearence
  • Outstanding natural wood imitation
  • Multi-chromatic matt colour
  • No rotting and stains resistant
  • Eco-friendly - Composed of 95% recycled plastic and wood fiber

Environmental information

Lifetime> 20 years
Carbon emissions (kg)14.07
Recycled material (%)95 %
Recycled materialswpc
Natural material (%)60 %


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