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SPIRAL - Foundation screw 60x1200mm + L shape support

Galvanised steel foundation screw designed to anchor a wooden or aluminium structure made up of joists and crossed joists in the ground. Must be driven into loose soil and backfill to a minimum depth of 70 cm. A cost-effective alternative to concrete. Each screw can support a load of 475 kg. Available in lengths of 800mm and 1200mm. 60mm diameter. Supplied with an adjustable L-shaped head for height adjustment and levelling of the structure.
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Product highlights

  • High-performance anchoring
  • Precise level adjustment
  • Slope corrector
  • No soil to remove
  • No soil to remove

Environmental information

Lifetime> 20 years
Carbon emissions (kg)26.595
Recycled material (%)0 %
Recycled materialsGalvanized steel
Natural material (%)0 %


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