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BOSTON - Steel plate for 75x75mm post

The epoxy-lacquered galvanized steel plate is used to secure the 75x75mm post to a slab. It is designed to withstand winds of 90 km/h for a panel height of 1m80, and 120 km/h for a panel height of 1m20. Supplied with a polymer cover plate. Fixes with four 10mm diameter screw anchors or dowels (not supplied).
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Product highlights

  • 8mm thick base plate
  • Supplied with base cap
  • Drilling ⌀11mm, floor fixing at installer's discretion

Environmental information

Lifetime> 20 years
Carbon emissions (kg)8.865
Recycled material (%)0 %
Recycled materialsGalvanized steel
Natural material (%)0 %


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