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BOSTON - Frame for alu gate 1200x1830mm

The wicket door frame can be completed with OPALE aluminium or PREMIUM and MODERN wood composite slats. The horizontal uprights of the wicket door frame can be cut to adjust the width of the door. Maximum width is 1200mm. Supplied with mortise lock. Cylinder and handles are sold separately in the hardware kit. 11 boards are required to fill the wicket door to its full height (non-cutting).
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Product highlights

  • Width adjustment up to 120cm
  • Choice of fillings (Premium board, Modern, Opal)
  • Ultra customizable
  • Very low maintenance

Environmental information

Lifetime> 20 years
Carbon emissions (kg)119.045
Recycled material (%)10 %
Recycled materialsAluminium
Natural material (%)0 %


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