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Bamboo board SAMBA 139

The SAMBA decking board is an industrially manufactured, heat-treated bamboo board. It benefits from an exclusive, patented treatment that gives it a light colour and enhanced durability.  Available with an oiled (water-based) coating, SAMBA boards are installed using Cobra® Hybrid 7-22 invisible clips. Given the pressure on forest resources, it is essential to offer alternatives to wood for certain uses. FelixWood® bamboo is an excellent response.

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Product highlights

  • High quality Bamboo
  • Thermally modified and laminated under pressure
  • Very durable and stable
  • Hidden fixation with Cobra Hybrid 7-22 clip
  • Foreseen from oil (water basis)

Environmental information

Lifetime> 20 years
Carbon emissions (kg)4.333
Recycled material (%)0 %
Recycled materialsbamboo thermo
Natural material (%)95 %


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